Video Pokies in Detail for Casino Players Online

Video Pokies is the Australian slang term given to Video slots. The term Pokies originates from Poker Machines which referred to slot machine games standing in brick and mortar casinos. Video Pokies have evolved from these basic slot machine games to become a breed all of their own, with software developers specialising purely in these games.

With the birth of virtual online casinos video pokies have grown in popularity both in Australia and all over the world and there are almost countless titles available. Video Pokies can be played for free with free money, or can be played for real money and the chance to win a jackpot.

Play Pokies

The aim of Pokies is pretty simple; line up three or more identical symbols in a row on the reels after spinning. With however there are a vast number of things that come into play besides spinning reels, such as special symbols, bonus rounds, free spins and more.

The player starts by entering a wager amount or a number of coins into the machine, they then clicks Spin to spin the reels. Video Pokies can have up to 50 reels and 25 paylines, and symbols can be counted in a row from left to right, and on some right to left and even diagonal. If three or more identical symbols are found in a row, the player wins an amount depending how much the particular symbol is worth.

Pokies Platforms

Video Pokies can be found on a number of platforms ranging from regular online casinos accessed on your pc via the Internet, to smart devices such as tablets, smart phones and even smart watches. The video pokies in the Internet based online casinos offer a wider range than on a mobile platform, this is due to restraints such as screen resolution and processing power.

Pokies Symbols

Lets talk about symbols for a bit. Video Pokies have an almost infinite range of symbols, taken from all over the place like movies, stories or what ever comes out of the developer’s imagination. All real money online pokies have a theme, and the symbols follow that theme. The symbols range in value across a scale, and finding three or more of the most valuable will pay out more than finding three or more of the least valuable.

Many video pokies also have a Wild and a Scatter symbol. These are special symbols that do more than just appear on the reels. The Wild symbol often substitutes for any other symbol in the game, except the Scatter Symbol, creating a greater chance of winning. The scatter symbol will often launch a bonus or free spins round in which the player can win even more.

Pokies Bonuses

Video pokies will often have a bonus or free spins round. This is a separate game within the game, and can award the player either a great number of free spins, which allows them to spin the reels without using coins, or a chance at winning a special jackpot. These are launched by finding three or more scatter symbols in the reels.

Progressive Pokies

Many video pokies will also have a progressive jackpot, which is a jackpot linked to the relevant versions of the game being played either locally or even internationally. This jackpot grows with each players wager, and can reach enormous amounts.