Vegas Three Card Rummy Defined for Mobile Casino Players

Fresh poker variants are setting online casinos alight, and one such game is mobile Vegas three card rummy. Because everything is mobile these days, and casino games, generally, are so very well suited to this platform; quick, simple, high action and fun, with the chance of winning money to boot.

Played with a standard card deck, mobile Vegas three card rummy ranks each card at their poker value, with the exception of ace always being low. The objective is to collect fewer points than the dealer by using low cards, getting pairs, and making suited connectors. In order to qualify the dealer must have 20 points or less, and if the dealer does not qualify, the player’s ante is paid out with even money and the raise bet is pushed. Vegas three card rummy begins with players placing the ante bet and an optional bonus bet. Then both the dealer and the player are dealt three cards, with the dealers’ cards dealt face-down, and the players’ face-up. Being able to view their cards, players have the option of raising the ante, or folding. Once the ante is raised, effectively doubled, the dealer turns their cards over revealing their hand and the outcome of the game is determined.

The Flow of the Game

Strategically, once the player receives their cards, they should consider their hand value, and naturally, their score, very carefully, since the moment the dealer has shown their cards, the game ends and pay-outs are affected. This is done according to the wagering tables, which will be on show at the online casino concerned. The player wins by scoring fewer points than the dealer. Should the dealer have fewer points, then the player loses. Simple. If the dealers’ hand shows more than 20 points, they do not qualify for the game and the player gets their ante bet paid out in equal money and receives the raise bet back. In the event of a tie, both the ante and the raise bet are pushed. Therefore, as a general guide, raise on any hand with 20 points or less and fold with 21 or more. Twenty is the dealers’ cut off, so, never bet with 20 or more points, as the best you can do is get your wager back.

A Game Where the Lowest Points Total Wins

In mobile Vegas three card rummy the raise bet is paid according to the amount of points. It is important to note that when the player wins a hand, their ante is always paid at even money and only the raise bet qualifies for a higher pay out. A score of 0 is obviously best, and pays 4 to 1.

Mobile Vegas three card rummy allows for bonus betting, which pays according to the number of points the player collects, without needing to win against the dealer. The bonus bet pays up to 100 to 1.

Mobile Vegas three card rummy is a relatively simple casino card game, similar to 3 Card Poker, except that there is a different hand scoring system and there is no ante bonus. The game is effectively played against the dealer, and is a poker variation growing in popularity at live and especially online casinos everywhere.