The Most Popular Online Casino Games Today

Hong Kong is a country at the forefront of technological success, leading the way in every avenue – from intelligent footwear broadcasting relevant date to a mobile phone or personal computer system, to technologically advanced global financial software systems.  The citizens of Hong Kong are a multi-lingual and highly advanced workforce.  Taking this into consideration, it stands to reason that online game players from Hong Kong would expect the online gambling experience to be nothing short of spectacular.

Online Video Slot Games – Ever Popular

The development and implementation of online video slot games has revolutionised the online casino gaming world.  With some even incorporating actual clips from movie scenes, 3D online video slot games are unbeatable as far as high-end entertainment is concerned.  3D online video slot games rank at the top of the list of the most popular online casino games among players from Hong Kong.

Roulette – The People’s Choice

Considered to have been first invented by no other than mathematician Blaise Pascal, the Roulette wheel was destined from the very start to appeal to those drawn to perfection.  The game of Roulette was played in a casino for the very first time in Paris, France, and has since made its way onto every land-based casino floor the globe over – not to mention into every imaginable virtual space in the online casino world.


Whether going by the name of Twenty One or Blackjack – the game remains one of the best-known and well loved casino card games ever to make an appearance.  Each participant partaking in a round of Blackjack will aim to beat the dealer by getting a total count value as close to 21 as possible – in an online casino version of the game, the dealer will simply be substituted by a virtual dealer, and in some cases even a live dealer.  Blackjack is enjoyed by players from all walks of life – high rollers as well as those playing merely for fun.


Baccarat is one of the most popular online casino games among players from Hong Kong.  The most common online version of the game is called Mini Baccarat, and is merely a smaller version of the traditional land-based casino game.  Bets are made on the hand of the dealer – most simply put, whether the dealer has a better or worse hand than the player.  Many winning strategies have been devised, and most players have a preferred style of play.

Online Poker

Poker is said to be the thinking man’s game.  Perhaps this explains a great deal as to why online Poker is well loved in Hong Kong.  Poker comes in many forms and each form is played by varying rules.  Types of Poker include Texas Hold’em Poker, Omaha High, Seven Card Stud, Razz, Five Draw Card and many, many more.

Texas Hold’em Poker is generally the best place to start when still a newbie to the game, and this style of Poker is definitely one of the most popular versions of online Poker.