Scratch Ahoy Online Scratch Card Game from Play n Go

There is no mistaking the theme of this particular online and mobile scratch card game from Swedish developer Play n Go. Scratch Ahoy has a very definite pirate theme, but is still basically a scratch card at its core. Scratch cards became popular may years ago with people looking to put down very little money and time and still experience the thrill of maybe winning the jackpot and changing their lives. Scratch cards were available to be bought from your corner shop along with your weekly groceries, or from brick and mortar casinos.

With the advent of the internet, scratch cards have still retained their popularity, and have now simply moved into the virtual realm. This makes them accessible to many more people all over the world who are hoping for a change of fortune. Software developers like Play n Go have put decided effort not only into the bigger online casino games such as Slots or table games, but also into the smaller ones such as scratch cards. Scratch Ahoy is one such online casino gambling game.

How to Find Scratch Ahoy

Scratch Ahoy is available on both the desktop and mobile platforms. Supported by both Android and iOs it can be played on a tablet, a smart phone or even other smart devices such as a smart watch. To find Scratch Ahoy a player has two choices. They can either search for it online, or go into their app store. Many online mobile casinos will offer this game as an extra. Look under the Other Games tab.

Scratch Ahoy Theme and Feel

With a very overt pirate theme, this little scratch card game is bright and cheerful. The colours are all blues and browns, representing the sea and the pirate treasure map or Treasure Island. The symbols are all pirate themed too, with a blue parrot, crossed cutlasses, a pirate ship, and of course a pirate himself all to be found hidden under blobs of wax.

How to Play Scratch Ahoy

Playing this game is very simple. Once the player has found an online or mobile casino that hosts it, they simply swipe through the cards until the find one that they feel is lucky. Click on the easy to find Buy Card button to purchase it. When using a mobile phone or tablet that it touch screen, you can actually go through the motions of scratching away the red wax, just like you would do with a real card. If you are too impatient for this however, you can simply click on the Reveal All button.

Scratching with your finger will produce a generic scratching sound that may become tiresome after a while, as may the constant movement of your finger. Once you have scratched off all the wax blobs, your symbols will be revealed to you. Matching three symbols in a line will result in a win. These lines can run left to right, up and down or diagonally. Often the minimum win is won, which will result in you at least getting your bet back.