Boom Brothers Slot Guide for Online Players

Of all Europe’s mythical creatures, dwarves are among the most famous. The legendary mining skills of these mysterious beings forms the basis of Boom Brothers, a five-reel, 20-payline video online slot by NetEnt.

“Reels” isn’t perhaps the best way to describe what appears on the screen, though. Rather than traditional slot reels, the game features chains hanging from the top of the screen. It is on the chains that the symbols appear in in muted shades of gold, silver, and bronze.

The background of the screen shows the turning cogs of strange mining mechanisms, while the soundtrack adds excitement, a sense of movement, and atmospheric sound effects. Special symbols on the reels have the ability to either improve chances of landing wins, or to trigger bonus games and other features.

Boom Brothers Reel Symbols

The reel symbols in Boom Brothers are all linked to the game’s theme. While some pay out higher than others in winning combinations, this game does not turn to the same old lower value playing card symbols seen in so many other online slots.

The symbols found on the reels include the three brother dwarves, a helmet, a pickaxe and a hammer, a bucket, a lantern, a rail track, a bomb, and a Free Spins symbol.

The Free Spins symbol activates a bonus game, as does the rail track symbol. The bomb is the game’s Wild symbol, which means it can substitute for other reel symbols, and it’s the game’s top-paying symbol.

Boom Brothers Free Spins

Like in a few other slots, the Boom Brothers Free Spins round will be activated if three or more Free Spins symbols appear anywhere on the reels. If three or more of these symbols do land on the reels, the symbols will spin to reveal numbers.

The numbers will be added together, and the total they produce will be the number of free spins to be played. It could be as few as eight or as many as 50. An additional free spin will be added to the number for every Free Spins symbol that appears on the reels during the round.

Furthermore, all payouts won during the round will be tripled. If three or more Free Spins symbols appear during the round, it will be re-activated.

Boom Brothers Bring Second Chances

The Boom Brothers online slot has a randomly-triggered Second Chance bonus feature. Not dependent on any special symbol, the feature could activate after any spin.

If it is triggered, the three dwarf brothers run onto the screen and detonate one of the reel symbols, which will then be replaced by a new symbol which, if it then forms a winning combination, will bring a payout.

If the brothers do not make a symbol explode, they may spin just one of the reels, which could also bring a payout.

Boom Brothers Rail Track Bonus

The Boom Brothers Rail Track bonus game is an opportunity to win prizes without spinning reels. The game is triggered when three or more rail track symbols appear on a payline that has been activated.

In the first level of the online slots, players would need to try land tracks on the fourth and fifth reels to enable one of the dwarves move a cart across the screen. In the second level, players would need to select one of the dwarves’ carts for either gold, diamonds, or rubies. The carts movements depend on which precious items are uncovered.

The first dwarf to arrive on the other side of the screen will claim the prize for the player.