Biggest Online Slots Wins In The History of Online Gambling

There have been so many winning payouts of millions of dollars since online gambling started in the mid 1990’s showing that online gaming has matched if not at times exceeded traditional casino winnings. With its easy accessibility due to the rise of mobile technology and wide range of internet access across the world, online casino’s and slots are proving to be well worth the hype.

While traditional casino wins are mostly recorded in Las Vegas the capital of gambling, online casinos have opened the doors to winners from across the globe.

Mega Moolah is the top winning payout slot played. It’s 5 reels and 25 paylines has regular, wild multiplayer and scattered symbols and offers free bonus spins as wins. Players can judge odds of winning somewhat by taking into account that a jackpot win means unlikely winnings until the amount has stacked up again. The jackpot kitty will be displayed on the dashboard allowing for the player to factor the odds when choosing their slots.

Mega Moolah was developed by Microgaming who was one of the original online casino software developers in the 1990’s. Mega Moolah remains the biggest payout game to date. Microgaming’s renowned progressive jackpot network that has paid out over a billion dollars in its time and seems to be growing at a unstoppable rate.

Let’s take a look at the some of the biggest winnings so far:

2013 – Mega Moolah – $24 Million

In Europe, Scandinavian online slots awarded a Finnish winner $24 million dollars from a single quarter, crowning them the highest known online winner to date.

2018 – Mega Moolah Slot win of $21,977,013.92

Second place goes to an anonymous player also playing on Microgaming’s Mega Moolah who walked away with a mind blowing $21,977,013. 92 in their pocket. It was revealed that the winner won on a 75-cent bet in less than 50 spins.

2020 – Mega Moolah Slot win of $20,057,734

The third highest online win at in January this year made someone the lucky winner with a whopping $20,057,734!

2020 – Mega Moolah Slot Progressive jackpot win of € 14,239,532.84

Another astonishing win this year in August also awarded in Europe to a Swedish player on a Mega Moolah playing at, awarding a total of €14,239,532.84. It is the biggest online win recorded in Sweden to date.

2015 – Mega Moolah win of $13.2 Million

British Army Lance Corporal John Heywood won $13.2 million. Online gambling opens the floor to an unaccountable number of players at any moment in time making the takings and winnings more wildly fluid than in a traditional casino setting. Progressive slots like Mega Moolah make use of pooled jackpots linked across numerous online casinos. Small bet amounts from many players from all over the world go in to a pool that builds it up to such vast payouts.

Even with so many players contributing to jackpot wins online, traditional casino gambling still tops the charts with its wins, the current top win still sitting at a $39.7 million dollars win in Las Vegas in 2003.