A Comprehensive Guide to Playing Red Dog Card Casino Game

Since they were first invented, standard playing cards have formed the central focus of some of the world’s most beloved casino games. Naturally, when the shift from traditional casinos to their online counterparts began, it only made sense for standard playing cards to have digital versions as well. This means that players are still able to enjoy every aspect of the casino games they love so much online. This is evident in the likes of games like Red Dog. While this may not be the most popular card game known, it certainly makes for an entertaining one. Below, you will find a few tips and tricks on how to play this game.

The Basics

First and foremost, one of the most important things for players at online casino sites to understand when it comes to Red Dog is that it is actually quite similar to poker. However, it is quite a bit less complicated that the famed casino game. As mentioned above, this game is played with a standard playing card pack of 52. The cards are valued just as they would be in poker, with aces yielding the highest value. Of course, before any of the card playing begins, however, players will first need to wager a bet.


In a game like Red Dog, betting can often prove to be tricky, due to the fact that the game is just so unpredictable. However, there are a few key tips to remember that could help you along the way. Firstly, players are dealt two cards facing up. Should these cards match (for example, two kings), the dealer will then give the player a third card. If this card also matches, the player will win.

Secondly, should the player be dealt consecutive cards (such as an eight and a nine), the bet will result in a push. A push means that no one wins, and the player gets to keep their wager.

Finally, if neither of the aforementioned possibilities occur, players will experience a spread. For example, if your two cards are a two and an eight, you will then have a five card spread. Should your third card then fall between two and eight, you will be awarded with a win.

Red Dog Casino Card Game Betting

Red Dog Strategy

When it comes to the strategies used to approach Red Dog and the wagers placed during this game, every player is different. However, the general rule of thumb is that if you have a spread of lower than seven, you should not up the ante on your bet. This is due to the unpredictable nature of the game. So instead of risking too much at once, rather risk smaller, sustained amounts that in the end, could add up to create a fairly significant win.

Red Dog online casino game is a fairly simple one to understand. Players are sure to find that this game has plenty to offer them in terms of entertainment and excitement as well as a chance to win real money, which at the end of the day, makes for the perfect casino game!