Emoticons, or smileys, are symbols used to express emotions or convey facial expressions. Use them in your email, newsgroup messages, or in chat groups.

Create emoticons with your computer keyboard keys. A simple smiley is made of a colon and a right parenthesis. To read emoticons, tilt your head to the left.

 :) a smile, happy
 :-) a smiley with a nose (nose dash optional in any emoticon)
 ;) a wink
 :( a frown
 :-< very sad
 :-> devious smile
 >:-( mad or annoyed
 :-c bummed out, pouting
 :-| grim
 :-/ skeptical
 :-o shouting
 :-O shouting loudly
 :-D laughing
 :-p sticking out tongue
 :-& tongue-tied
 :-* puckering for a kiss
 :-x my lips are sealed
 |-o yawning
 |^o snoring
 |-1 alseep
 :-() big mouth
 :-)~~~ drooling
 :~( crying
 8-) wearing glasses
 B-) wearing cool shades
 %-) I've been staring at this screen too long
 :-{) I have a mustache
 {(:-) wearing a toupée
 =|:-) wearing a top hat
 0:-) an angel
 xxooxxoo love, or hugs and kisses