Search Engines by using the searches below you should be able to find almost anything.




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Here are many more links to searches on the web

AllTheWeb, this search engine lets you specify the type of search

AltaVista, a web index.

An AltaVista:UK site is available, and also a simplified graphic-free text search form interface

Ananzi, a search engine with a focus on South Africa

ANZWERS Search Centre, a guide to Australian and New Zealand Internet resources

The Argus Clearinghouse, a selective guide to the Internet (no longer actively maintained)

Ask Jeeves, a knowledgebase which can be interrogated with plain English questions

Aussieseek, a search engine and messageboard service with a focus on Australia

Click2UK, an established UK-based search engine

Dogpile, searches Google, Yahoo!, MSN and Ask

Espotting, a pay for placement search engine with a European focus

Excite, a search engine based in the US, a meta search engine

Fast Search: All the Web, All the Time, a search engine built to accommodate multimedia, a meta search engine, formerly called Search Online

Find UK - a UK search engine gateway

flemiro - the international version of a German search engine

Go - an international web directory

Godado - a UK and Europe search engine including a pay to promote facility

HotBot (a Lycos site), a comprehensive index of the WWW . A UK HotBot site is available.

Ixquick, a metasearch engine that queries twelve other search engines

Lookseek, a US-based search engine

Lycos (UK site), search the database of Internet information resources (world-wide or UK and Ireland only) . The main Lycos site is in the USA., a meta search engine that queries ten other search engines

MetaCrawler, a search tool that queries other Web search engines

MetaEureka, a graphics-free meta search engine

Mirago, a search engine aimed specifically at UK businesses and families

Open Directory Project, a human-edited directory of the Web

Overture, a pay-for-placement search site

ProFusion, a search engine that allows simultaneous searches of many other search engines and related resources

Rambler, a search engine with a focus on Russia

Search Europe, a search engine with a focus on European information, a search engine with a focus on the Maltese Islands

SearchUK, a search engine with a focus on UK domains, a metacrawler that interrogates 15 other search engines for UK resources - an Austrian search engine (interface in German)

UK Plus, a web directory with a focus on UK domains

WebCrawler, a database indexed by content of WWW pages

WoYaa!, a guide to Internet sites in Africa

WWW Virtual Library, the CERN directory of WWW services