There's a story in the bible skeptics say just can't be true
of two cities proud and sinful, men ungodly through and through.
Hedonism their religion, "love today, forget tomorrow",
now they're famous, those two cities, wicked Sodom---and Gomorrah.
They rejected all God's teaching, refused to acknowledge Him as God
scorning all His love and mercy, they would feel His chastening rod.
Bent upon a life of pleasure, growing filthy and obscene
pleasure progressed to perversion, oftimes cruel, harsh and mean.
God in righteous wrath decided just to take them all away
He would send down fire from heaven and consume them in a day.
but those two cities, though wicked, had one factor in their favor
A righteous man named Abraham, with faith in God that would not waiver.
God told Abraham His plan to blot the cities from the earth
that old Saint thought of his nephew, wife and children, their soul's worth.
He began to pray and bargain asking God both day and night
not to wipe out both the cities punishing wicked with the right.
Pleading from a loving burden he asked God to think again
God agree to spare the cities if righteous souls there were ten.
If righteous Lot had done his duty for his family heaven's road paved
twould've been ten righteous in his family two whole cities would have saved.
On the night before destruction Lot was sitting at the gate
and two angels walked up to him, reverently he bowed and scraped.
Sensing extraordinary visitors, he invited to his home
little knowing that tomorrow, he would not possess a home.
Trying hard to make things pleasant, introduced them to his wife
then outside a great commotion, sounds of violence and strife.
Came loud knocking on his front door, went himself to let them in
'twas a throng of evil perverts, who saw Lot with those two men.
They had come to get to know them, in their vile, unnatural way
Lot attempted to dissuade them, then he heard them rudely say,
"If you try to stop our pleasure, we'll do even worse to you,
you're not really a Sodomite, just a compromiser, passing through".
Then they rushed to force the door, but the angels struck them blind
as they groped in total darkness, Lot was told to go and find.
All his daughters and their husbands, warn them of impending doom
bring them back for their salvation, death is coming very soon.
But alas, as Lot would warn them, they could not believe it true
sons-in-law would only chuckle, and the daughters frivolous too.
Evidently Lot neglected to teach his girls to love God's law
now he tries to speak most serious, they just joke and laugh it off.
All his pleading won't convince them, finally he trudges home
sad and scared for his sweet children, seemed their hearts were hard as stone.
Yet he knew 'twas not all their fault, he had failed to lead them right
hadn't he sought for worldly treasures, pasture, cattle, future bright?
Greed had brought them to this city, he forsook his uncle Abe
had he not been so ambitious, his girls had learned the righteous way.
But now they'd learned sophistication, worldly-wise they blended well
and Lot was grieved to face the hard truth, 'twil be much his fault---if they're in hell!
Early next morning angels commanded, "Lot, wife, daughters, all join hand,
proceed to the outskirts of the city, do so now, without delay---
Sodom is marked for swift destruction, and today---is judgment day!"
Lot and wife both hesitated, they just could not bear depart
for there in that wicked old city, were people they loved, dear to their heart.
Their daughters, sons-in-law, grandchildren---all were precious beyond words
to leave them there knowing what awaits them, no words describe how much it hurts.
The angels in mercy compelled them, grasped hold of their hesitant hand
and led them to safety, then warned them, to flee to a far distant land.
Departing, they heard a great noise, and Lot's wife, though warned not to look
disregarded commands, took one last glance and was blotted---from God's holy book!
As the fire fell in torrents on Sodom, haughty men quickly dropped to their knees
for they knew they had angered their Master, unashamed they cried mournful pleas.
Not only for life to be spared from destruction or for preservation of that place
but for mercy, grace and forgiveness, to be spared from the look on God's face.
If someone had only been zealous, for God in those ill-fated towns
the wrath of God would have turned back.  His wonderful grace would abound.
But the only one referred to as righteous, seemed lukewarm and tolerant and meek
though vexed by the filth and perversion, it seem no lost souls He would seek.
The fire fell in fury that morn, as the people from pleasure were torn
in shock and dismay they had met judgment day, their story should awake and warn.
We've a status much like that today, as perversions increase every day
our only salvation is righteous desperation and some Abrahams to intercede and pray.
Oh America, take heed to this story, for it has many lessons for thee
they were haughty, idle-rich, did abomination, and we must admit , so have we.
Sodom had no soul winner, churches or preachers, no bibles or tracts to read
America has all there great blessing, yet the masses refuse to pay heed.
We need Shadrachs to stand against evil, Meshachs, Abednegos too,
Daniels who fear not man's power, nor lions, nor the devil's whole crew.
Mordecais who'll not bow to Hamans, Nehemiahs to build up the wall,
Elijahs who'll challenge false prophets, be willing, alone, to face all.
On the surface the churches all prosper, it seems a great spiritual day
but the lifestyles of members give askance, do they walk in the straight narrow way?
Are we really so different from Sodom, with our churches and bibles galore,
or a nation of church going sinners, with a form of godliness, but love pleasure more?
'Tis a fact we must truly acknowledge, we live in confusing days
when a person can become a church member, without changing his ways.
But that won't hold up at the judgment, don't be deceived with false hope
you'll stand exposed before Jesus, for your sins, you'll have no cloak.
If we are to be spared destruction, God's law must be our first love
our lives must be mastered by Jesus, our treasure must all be above.
Our hearts must be grieved oe'r the evil, that grips the throat of our land
and we must speak up and be counted, with those who obey God's command.
What a horrible thought to face judgment, with a heart of rebellion and sin
to approach the doorway to heaven, there to learn He would not let us in.
Oh today is the day to arrange it, come quickly and fall on your face
turn your back on the ways of the wicked, and plead for His mercy and grace.
You may laugh at this quaint invitation, and decide to continue in sin
but your pleasure will perish so quickly, and eternity will never, never end!