O help me Lord, help me Lord,
Godly joy to be restored.
I place myself in thy control,
For my worries flood my soul.

Help me Lord to thee confess,
All my faults and weaknesses.
All my worries, all my fears,
They are Satanís wicked snares.

Help me nevermore complain,
For doing so has been in vain.
Help me never ever blame,
Other people for my pain.

Convict my heart of any sin,
That I must confess to man.
Satan then will truly flee,
And my soul shall be set free.

May I grow in grace divine,
Make me whole and only thine.
May I be graffed into the vine,
Of my Savior, so sublime.

May I in true meekness be,
An example for others to see.
May this true joy never cease,
May I grow in Thy true peace.

May thy light in me shine bright,
May thy peace keep me tonight,
From all doubts and worries freed,
For I have thy joy received.

Praise thy name forevermore,
Peace and joy thou dost restore.
Convict my heart and show me where,
Evermore this joy to share.


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