A young career woman moved away from her home to New York City. She rented a room from an elderly lady who migrated to the United States years before from Sweden. The landlady offered a clean room, a shared bathroom, and the use of the kitchen at a reasonable rate.
The little white-haired Swedish woman made the rules of the house very clear. There would be no smoking or drinking, no food in the bedrooms, etc. Pausing mid-sentence, the landlady asked, "Do you sing? Do you play? Music is good! I used to play the piano at the church, but not now. I'm too old. My hearing isn't good, but I love to praise God with music. God loves music."
After a full day of moving into her new room, the young tenant slept soundly until 5:30 a.m. when she was jarred awake by horrible noises coming from somewhere downstairs. Cautiously making her way down the stairway, she followed the sounds to the kitchen door. There she discovered her new landlady standing at the stove, dressed for the day, joyfully "singing" at the top of her lungs!
Never had the young woman heard such a horrible voice. Yet she heard that voice, precious to God, start every morning off the same way for as long as she rented the room just over the kitchen.
The Swedish lady passed into glory a few years later. The tenant moved on, married, and had her own family. She is alone now also, and has lost some of her hearing. Yet, every morning finds her standing in front of the stove, singing off key and loud, but joyful, praises to the Lord! 


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