A little girl was walking in the cemetery with her aunt. She was examining the various gravestone markers when suddenly she cried out, "Oh, auntie, look here! Here is the grave of some poor person who has not gone to heaven."
     "Not gone to heaven?" questioned the astonished aunt, looking at the elaborate monument with weeping angels sculptured in marble. "Why, what do you mean?"
     "Well, auntie," said the child, "the lady or gentleman in the grave cannot have gone to heaven, or the angels would not be crying!"
Only One Way!
A person may go to heaven . . .
without wealth
without beauty
without learning
without fame
without culture
without friends
BUT . . .
NO one can go to heaven without CHRIST!
(Author Known To God)
Do you have reservations for your Heavenly Home?
If not, call on Jesus, and make them today!


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