A child looked out the window

on a rainy, dreary day.

Then he spoke to his mommy

here's what she heard him say.


        "When rain falls down does it mean

 God's crying cause He's sad,

        About the things He sees on earth

 with people who are bad"?


"Are those His tears that trickle down

across the window pane,

Or is there really not a God

and this is only rain? "


His mommy thought what can I say

to help him understand,

That this is rain, but God is real

it's all part of His plan.


Then softly she began to speak

and she heard herself say,

That's really rain, it's not God's tears

He's growing things today.


The child looked up into a smile

he'd seen most every day,

He listened so intently now

to hear what she would say.


"All living things need water

that's all part of God's plan.

That's why out in the desert

there's not much more than sand".


"But in this place where God makes rain

grow flowers, grass and trees,

That feed and shelter animals

like the birds, the deer and bees".


"God may be sad because people don't

believe in Him today,

But rain is one thing that we should

thank Him for when we pray".


"So every night we all should kneel

and say thanks for the rain,

Cause if we didn't have it son

This world would be so plain".


"Without the trees to shade us

or the grass beneath our feet,

This world that we all live in

would seem so incomplete".


"But God in all His glory

created all these things,

To help give us all pleasure

Till we hear the angels sing".

Copyright Ron Lantz 2000


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