She's my alarm clock in the morning,
She's my friend and companion at night
And in all the in-between times
She's never out of my sight.
It's such a lovely feeling
To know she depends on me
For her food and warmth and shelter
So she gives me her love to see.
She plays with her toys; plays hide and seek
She's become the boss of the house!
Yet she has more fun with a walnut shell
Than she does with a catnip mouse!
The pleasure she gives me is a treasure
She greets me when I come in the door.
She seems to say "I've been lonesome so
Please don't go out anymore!"
She's my delight, my friend and my prankster
She pounces and jumps up real high
For a ball of yarn or a wiggly string
With a purr or a soft little cry.
She washes her face after eating.
Keeps her striped fur clean and sleek.
Jumps on my lap for approval and then
Curls herself up for her sleep.
So I wouldn't give up my kitty
For the world and all of its' gold.
'Cause if my kitty weren't with me
This world would be awfully cold!


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