The Lord is my Maker,
My Helper, my Friend;
Who's by my side always,
On Him I depend.
When helpless or lonely,
In times of despair,
To Him I can look to
For His love and care.
I'm molded and fashioned
By His gentle hand;
He lights my path always
To walk in this land.
In times of temptation,
When I lose my way,
My heavenly Father
Is there every day.
For me to return to,
Are His open arms;
My troubles then cease
As do all life's alarms.
His comfort, His caring,
His love and His peace,
Are all I could ask for
'Till my days here cease.
For He is my Maker,
My Helper, My Friend;
And I will abide in Him
Right to the end.
Inspired of God,
Sandy Sexton 11-05


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