Someone asked me once about people online.
Don't I find it silly to call them friends of mine?
I pondered the thought for a little while

and slung 'em a story with a huge smile.
I wake up in the mornin, I'll tell ya what I do.
I race to my computer to check my mail, it's perfectly true!

I open each and everyone and reply with tender care;
maybe just a a line or two to let 'em know I'm there!
I have seen strange things, been so many places,

have even seen a few of their online faces!
It doesn’t matter beans to me that they are far away.
Meetin' them has surely brightened up my day!
We've shared a morning coffee and at times we've shed a tear.

We've been there for each other; even played cards
They are just as real to me as you are standing there.
They are always here for me with lots of love and care.

One thing online has taught me; something I'll never forget.
There are a lot of great people out there on the net!
How can you be friends with someone you've never met?

I'll smile and tell them, "You've never been online I bet!"
So you can find me silly if that's what ya wanna do,
but I care for them every bit  as much as I care for you!