Come child, and be My disciple,
For I have chosen you.
I have purposed your lifetime
For the work you have to do.
But fear not, I am preparing you,
And each lesson that you learn
Will be a stepping stone for you,
As MY WILL you discern.
My ways are not as your ways,
And sometimes I can see
You drifting too much farther on,
So I draw you back to me.
Your life has a purpose
And your life has a plan,
But this is in the heart of God
Not in the eyes of man.
So My child, just listen to Me
As on your way you go.
There's nothing that My eyes don't see
And nowhere I can't go.
And just when you are tempted
To give up on everything,
Just let your heart remember
That Jesus Christ is King!
He knows the way you're going,
He sees what's going on...
But says, "Look to the Father
And then look to the Son."
There's nothing He didn't suffer
In His life here on this earth...
And He did it all for you,
So you could have New Birth.
So remember as you continue on,
And as your life unfurls,
That greater is He that is in YOU
Than he that is in the world.