By David Craig
     Have you ever had something happen that was so good that you could not believe it was true? How about so good you knew it was not true?
     Yvonne recently made a bank transaction at one of those twenty-four-hour, automated teller machines. She noticed that the balance showed about $3,500 more than we really had. That's when we knew it was too good to be true.
     In a later conversation with a real live person, Yvonne was told that the indicated figure was indeed our balance. When Yvonne insisted that it was not our balance, she was told that maybe her husband had made a deposit (Ha!). "Well, maybe someone was just being nice," the teller suggested (Ha! Ha!). I know some nice people, but nobody that nice.
     Finally, a supervisor was called. They searched out the deposit slip and discovered that the money really did belong in someone else's account. I wonder who was the more surprised, we or the people who would have been $3,500 short?
     As long as people have anything to do with the world, there will always be mistakes made. Some are more interesting than others, but we can count on the fact that there will always be some.
     God, on the other hand, never makes mistakes. He never incorrectly debits or credits an account. He never charges my sin to someone else, nor does He ever miss a sin I commit. He never credits someone else's good deeds to me, and He has also promised that the smallest deposit, even a cup of water given to a child, will not go unrewarded.
      If, however, as a Christian, I would check my balance, I would find a strange thing ~ an apparently enormous mistake. In the place of my overwhelming debt is an infinitely larger balance. When I inquire, I find that no mistake has been made. God has made a deposit ~ the blood of His own Son ~ which has placed all of His assets at my disposal.
     The Bible calls this grace. It's too good to be true. But it is!