A man left his house for church one Sunday just as the neighbour was loading his golf clubs into his car.  "Henry," the neighbour called, "come play golf with me today."  Henry answered firmly, "I always go to church on the Lord's Day."
     After a pause the golfer said, "You know, Henry, I've often wondered about your church and I really admire your faithfulness.  But I've invited you to play golf with me seven or eight times, and you've never invited me to go to church with you."
     What an eye-opener!  To all the "Henrys" in today's church, Jesus gives the same challenge He gave to the Pharisees: "I desire mercy and not sacrifice" (Mathew 9:13)  In other words, He wants us to show mercy and love to those who need salvation, not just go through the motions of our own religious beliefs.  Jesus further explained His mercy by saying, "I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance" (verse 13).
     Consider the destiny of people without Christ.  Let this message stir you to a compassion greater than your comfortable routine or your fear of rejection.  Pray for several people or families near you and ask God to love them through you.  And without nagging, invite them to church.