The many inquiries that have come to the author from all quarters relating to the subject considered in this volume, and the scarcity of treaties that deal with it, except, perhaps, in a merely incidental way, indicate the need for some more full and specific treatment of this theme. While he does not assume to know more of Godís will than others of like experience, the writer believes that a record of some of his thoughts may be useful to those who have to solve the daily problems of life, and who, perhaps, have not been able to solve some of them to their own satisfaction. He gratefully acknowledges the assistance he has derived, in the preparation of this work, from the writings of others who have gone over the way before him, especially that prince of preachers Alexander Maclaren, from whose works most of the quotations are taken. Direct quotations have been marked; indirect quotations could not very well be indicated, but are hereby acknowledged.

With a prayer that this volume may help many a traveler on the way of life, it is sent forth on its mission.
© C. W. Naylor