Transformation Of Divine Energy 


 Christ told his disciples to tarry in Jerusalem until they should be endued with power from on high. Paul speaks of the power of Christ resting upon him. It is God's will that all his people be endued with this heavenly power. God's power never works in the soul of man independently of the presence of the Holy Spirit. Whatever power people possess that does not come through the Holy Spirit is not the power of God; but when God is present with us, his power is always present, and this power will manifest itself. This power does not work according to the human will, but works according to the will of God; therefore we must be submitted to his will in order for it to work through us. God will never take orders from us. If we attempt to use his power for a wrong or selfish purpose, it will react to our own hurt.

Sometimes people mistake for manifestation of the power of God things which are not such at all. Some think that noise and demonstration are the result of power, or indicate the presence of power; and the more noisy and demonstrative a person is, the more power he is thought to possess. Noise is not power nor an indication of power. It often indicates only human enthusiasm or hysteria. Some bodies of religionists are very noisy, and yet they have very little of the power of God in their lives. As a rule, those who make the most noise accomplish the least for God. It is generally a mark of superficiality, especially where there is a disposition to carry it to the extreme. Some modern religious movements are noted for the demonstrations of their adherents. They leap and shout and "fall under the power" and do many unseemly things. They do many things that make the people ashamed who look upon them. Sometimes they "carry on" until they are utterly exhausted. Sometimes they go through strange contortions and jerkings, and sometimes froth at the mouth. They think all this to be the manifestation of the power of God. One thing I have noticed about these people who go to such extremes is that very often those who are the most demonstrative are living lives which are anything but commendable and in some cases even immoral. There is a power in such people, but it is not the power of God; for the power of God does not manifest itself in an unseemly manner. There is something beautiful and attractive about his power, something that draws the soul, something that melts it and inspires it and awes it as if in the presence of the Almighty.

Noise is not power. One day I walked with a friend down a street in a large city. A motorcycle passed us making a great racket. There was much noise, but little power. We walked on a little farther and went into the engine-house of a great factory. I stood beside the great Corliss engine there and watched it running so smoothly that there was hardly a sound. I could not realize what power was there. It seemed as though I could put out my hand and stop it. But there was power there, great power. It turned the wheels through-out that large factory and kept the machinery busily running. Likewise, those who are most powerful for God are often persons who are quiet and attract little notice. The power in them works softly and silently, but mightily. It accomplishes God's purposes.

It is true that persons of some temperaments do sometimes make considerable noise when they are full of the power of God, but this is the result of temperament, not the result of the power, for the same amount of power in another may work quietly and silently, though none the less effectually. I do not object to some noise in religion if there is divine power back of that noise, the power to be what a Christian should be, the power to live as a Christian should live, the power to glorify God, but the noise with out the real power for accomplishment is a vain thing. God does not judge people by the amount of noise they make; he does not value them for their noise, but for the power that they possess. There are some who once were powers in the hands of God, but who now are like shorn Samson. The power is gone. They have the form, but they lack the power. Some sing, "There is power, power, wonder-working power"; but when you look for it in their lives, you do not find it. Power is the thing that counts, and God wants us to be filled with it. Natural ability counts for something, but no matter how great our natural capacity, if the power is lacking the capacity counts for nothing. We are like empty vessels. God has plenty of power, and he will give us power if we will tarry before him. Power is something that comes down, not something that is worked up. The "howling dervishes" work themselves up into wild hysteria and fall in fits and have all sorts of manifestations, but there is no power of God in it. So we may do. I repeat, enthusiasm is not power, hysteria is not power. Only the presence of God can give us power.

Power Transformed

Electric power passes silently through the wires; but as it passes through the incandescent bulb, it is turned into bright light; as it passes through the resistance-coil, it is transformed into heat; as it passes through the motor, it is transformed into activity; and as it passes through the magnet, it is turned into magnetism. So God would have his power transformed into light so that we may shine for God and so that those around us may behold his beauty in us. God would have us be lights to the world, and so he lets his power rest upon us that it may be transformed into light and shine out into this dark world. He wants men to see our light and thereby know his power to save and to keep.

He wants his power turned into heat so that our lives are no more cold and barren, but our affections and emotions are warmed and enriched and bring forth fruit unto his glory. He wants all our faculties and powers to be filled with fervency, all our lives warm and radiant with his glory. He wants his power transformed into activity so that we may work righteousness, that 'men may see our good works and glorify our Father which is in heaven.' People who are full of the power of God are not content in idleness. They feel that they must work the work of God while it is yet day. You do not have to coax such people to work. They are ready for a job anytime. The power of God will manifest itself in zeal. Where zeal is absent, power is absent Power is always seeking an outlet. If the power of God is resting upon us, we cannot be easy while multitudes around us are going to destruction. There is much Christian activity that comes to naught because there is no power in it or too little power in it. There may be zeal without power, but zeal will be ineffectual without power. The power of God does not need elaborate ecclesiastical machinery in order to work. It will work in the heart; it will work out in the life. All that God asks is that the heart be submitted to his will and all the powers of life dedicated to his service; then he will fill us with power and work through us the accomplishment of his purpose. Our lives then will be fruitful to glorify his name.

God wants his power in us turned into magnetism, that we may draw men to ourselves and through ourselves to Christ. If our lives are unlovely and unattractive, God cannot draw men through us. It matters not what may be our situation in life nor how few may be our natural talents. Our lives may be hampered and our development may be hindered, but if the power of God rests upon us, we shall attract men to Christ. The humblest life may be glorified and made attractive by the presence and power of God. But magnetism not only attracts; it also repels. So we, if we are full of this divine magnetism, shall repel all that is evil. Our very presence, even though a word is not spoken, will be a reproof to evil. Our looks will be louder than the words of those who are without the power of God. Those who are wicked and corrupt will feel ashamed and reproved in our presence. They will try to hide their wickedness. They will be careful of their language. They will find no pleasure in their wickedness in our presence.

Oh! let us be filled with the power of God and let us manifest it in our lives, so that the world may believe. Let us submit ourselves to the divine will. Let us seek daily a real enduement from on high, and then when it comes let us realize that the excellency of the power is of God and not of us, and let us give to him the glory. Let us manifest to our fellow men this power, not to show that we have the power, but that we may win them to Christ - that we may make them to know the riches of his love, the power of his grace, and the wonders of his holiness. "Ye shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you."