Life is a series of problems. None of these problems are of more importance than those which relate to the spiritual life. Upon their proper solution rest both our present and future happiness. It has been the author's purpose throughout this book to set forth in as practical a way as possible some of the things that he has learned in his twenty-five years of Christian life, the greater part of which has been spent in preaching and writing of the things of the kingdom of God. For the past nine years he has been a shut-in as the result of a serious injury, but these years upon his bed, with Pain for his constant companion, have taught him many things that might have escaped him in the busy days of a more active life.

The subject matter of this treatise falls naturally into three parts. The first is intended to show men how to find God and enter into the enjoyment of true sonship with its attendant blessing. The second deals with some of the essential doctrines of the Christian faith from the standpoint of their practical bearing on human life. The third deals with problems that sooner or later present themselves to every Christian for his solution. Upon their correct solution hangs the prosperity and happiness of his life. This part of the book will be to the Christian the richest and most beneficial of all. He may find herein an answer to many of his heart's questionings and a "lamp to his feet" in some of life's dark hours. With a prayer that every reader may be enriched and that God may be glorified, the author commits his work to the public with the confident expectation that the divine blessing that has rested upon him in its preparation will follow it to bless its readers and inspire in their hearts fresh hope and courage to press on to win the crown waiting at life's goal.

Yours in His joyful service,

C. W. Naylor