Oh, why did not someone tell me sooner?" wrote a lady who had passed through some very trying spiritual experiences that had been made far harder because they had been misinterpreted. It had been the Author's privilege to explain some things through which she was passing. She had experienced great relief of mind and spirit by coming to look on her troubles in a new and clearer light.

  About the same time another person, after receiving an explanation of difficulties and being instructed how to meet them wrote, "If I had known these things years ago I might have been spared many things and my life thereby made far happier than it has been."

  The receipt of hundreds of such letters and the personal testimony of other hundreds of people through the years spent by the Author in evangelistic work and the twenty one years on his bed as the result of accidental injuries, have convinced him that there is much need for a treatise covering some of the vital principles of life and experience common to so many of us.

  It has been the Author's purpose to illuminate, as far as his ability goes, the Christian pathway, as well as to point out some of the underlying principles of Christian life and experience. If he has succeeded in doing so in a way that will be helpful to others to an extent comparable to the gratifying results of his more personal work and correspondence he will feel he has been well rewarded for his labors. He hopes he has succeeded in making clear the way into the joyfully victorious life and that the reader may walk life's way with the "everlasting joy" that belongs to those who have learned the Secret of the Singing Heart.

óC. W. Naylor 




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