Dear Friend:
There are only a few rules to using Email that make the experience better for everyone.
1. Please forward all attachments from the last page you open. That way your friends won't have to open multiple pages to finally get to what you want them to see.
2. If your Email has lots of "<" please delete them before sending the message.
3. Use "Bcc" for all those people you send Email to, that way no one else gets all the names and Email addresses of people that emailed to you or that are friends and family you want to protect from unsolicited Email.
4. Clean up your Email before forwarding them, it means you care about the people on your Email list and don't want them to have to play Email Janitor!
5. A simple back space can get rid of "fwd" or "reply" in your subject line.
Try to think about your time and how it will show true consideration to make reading your Email easier for those you send Email to.





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