A Tiny Pup

Early one morning when I was a tiny pup,
My momma wept out of control.
With teary eyes she cried  and said
Today you are to be sold
Still whimpering she promised
You'll have  a great life little boy
Very soon you will forget about us,
And be someone's pride and joy.
She said You're off to a forever home
cause that is what fur babies do,
That's mother natures plan for pups,
You'll be loved and cared for too
But I was only 6 weeks old,
Way to young to be on my own,
I needed my Mama and litter mates
I trembled, cried and moaned.
Those new people were never home,
If they loved me it didn't show
Alone in a cage  I cried all day,
And the hours crept by so slow.
Within a few days we took a trip,
I was dumped  where homeless dogs stay,
As I searched there eyes for answers,
They just turned  and walked away
I had been good even though afraid,
And wondered what had I done wrong,
A baby Schnauzer needs lots of love
To  feel that they belong
Three long weeks I bounced around,
As confused as a pup could be,
It wasn't like Mama promised at all,
A great life was not meant for me.
Every day I woke up scared,
Would I move again today?
Why couldn't anyone love me?
They just kept throwing me away.
Finally 2 more people arrived,
I sensed only warmth this time,
They scooped me up and kissed me,
And said Now your life will be divine.
They took me to a wonderful home,
With another doggy and lots of toys,
They said I'm called a rescue dog,
But mainly I'm a much loved boy.
At last my great life  has begun,
And no more will my heart ache,
We snuggle close in bed at night,
And I get kisses when I wake.
My heart smiles in my Forever home,
And love sparkles in my peoples eyes,
I'm only touched with gentle hands,
And now baby Hank never cries.

Written By
Katherine S. Baker 



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