Updated 10-25-06

Someone There

Where Must I look For God

He's Calling You


Jesus Is Coming

A Pumpkin

God's Word

Love One Another

Politically Correct

Our Friendship

Learning To Think With Our Hearts

Friends Are Like Angels


Lord You Are My Strength

A Dear Friend

Good morning

Always Say A Prayer

To Everybody Back Home [ If I Die Before You Wake]

You're Invited to a Party

Why Worry

Life's Tug Of War

Judge Gently

He Is

Songs Of Zion


How Readest Thou?

Walking Life's Way

To Every Task Be True

The Secret Closet

 Are We Excused?

Empty Hearts

It Hurts

In The Valley Or The Mountains

Higher Than A Kite

Decorations Of The Heart

A Shared Smile

God's Love Sale

Encourage Or Discourage

God's Spices

A punctured Balloon

Jesus Understands

God's Format

A Look Of Love

What Now

Under The Bed


Still No Room

Never Forget Jesus

Not Enough

Knees And Heart

Jesus Is The Answer

The Keeper

Don't Quit---Keep Playing

You Got To Love Him. He Tells It Like It is

My Friends On Here


Nice Person

I Love Your Email

We Pray For The Children

I Ask God

What Guide

If I Call You Friend

The clothesline

I know

Doing Something Worthwhile

When Jesus Looks:

To My Child 

The Bible In 50 Words Or Less...

I Believe

The Cross In My Pocket

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

I Want To Know Him

My Computer



Dont Quit

The Praying Hands

Is Heaven

I Am A Soldier

Heaven's Grocery Store

A Parents Prayer

Not Yet

The Many Names Of Christ

If Jesus Came


Life is a Miracle

Can You Find

Beginning Today

Emergency Phone Numbers

Remind Me

Heart Talks


Is It Any Wonder

Thank You Diana for the wonderful Award


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