When we are thinking with our heads,
We're involved in rational thought
We think what is real are things we can see,
And anything else is for naught.

And if I look at the spiritual world
With secular eyes , it will be
A view in terms of the rational.
Only secular will I see.

In the spiritual mode, we think with our hearts.
We can sense all things unseen.
Things such as love, hope, faith and truth-
By sensing, we feel what they mean.

If you look at the physical, rational world
With a conscious spiritual view,
Answers you seek, in a spiritual mode,
Come flowing back to you.

To be conscious of the spiritual thought,
God's presence I must access
With peace within, His presence is found
And my need for Him I confess.

When using my spiritual faculty,
That the secular world I may see,
A calmer, clearer view I will get.
Therein doth lie the key.