I once felt a fullness within my soul
When God played an active part.
I now seek God, for He has gone,
But I know not where to start

I climbed to the top of the tallest tree
That grew on the loftiest peak.
And I stretched my arms up heavenward.
It's the touching of God that I seek.

I walked into the wild churning sea
Through the roiling surf I fought
I reached right into the pounding waves.
Twas the hand of God that I sought

Then desperately I groped the empty air
No trace there of God could I find.
When deep within me a message I sensed
A message from God to remind,

"Look not to the lofty mountain top,
The air or the swirling sea.
Make efforts to nourish your famished soul.
It is there you will find Me to be."