Lord Jesus once came to earth,
this sinful world to save.
He had a new commandment,
a new command He gave.

"This is My commandment,
what I want you to do,
is to love one another
as I have loved all you."

Lord Jesus laid His life down,
there on Mount Calvary,
to pay the awful sin-debt
owed by both you and me.

Lord Jesus bestowed His love
to give us saving grace
that we may enter heaven,
as we His love embrace.

Lord Jesus gives us His love.
His pure love we receive
when we simply trust Him
and in Him we believe.

"This is My commandment,
Lord Jesus speaks today,
"You should love one another
in all you do and say."

Lord Jesus gives us His love,
So we should strive to learn,
to pass on His holy love,
this love we cannot earn.

Let us love one another
as He would have us do,
Passing on the precious love
He gives to me and you.

JOHN 13:34 (The Lord Jesus is speaking)
"A new commandment I give you, that
you love one another, even as I have loved
you, and that you also love one another."