I asked what would it take to be
politically correct,
To learn from great political minds
some things I could respect.

I learned that if you say the "Pledge",
"under God" you must omit,
and if the National Anthem plays
you could elect to sit.

And if you dare display your flag,
you soon will get the word.
You're just a pseudo patriot
who's acting like a nerd.

The name of God should not be heard
in public or in the schools,
any mention of religion would
defy the legal rules.

Our borders must stay open, and
we must maintain the fight
to legalize illegals
and preserve their civil rights.

So the correct political thing I learned
In directing our country's fate
would be to make our country
a secular welfare state.

So if this is what it means to be
Politically Correct,
I would prefer that I remain
Politically INCORRECT