A lot of us have had garage sales or we have gone to them. Many things in garage sales are broken and look terrible.  We go through our closets and the rest of our home cleaning out things that we don't want or use.

One day God had a Garage Sale.  However, it wasn't a Garage Sale, it was a Love Sale.  It also was not because He didn't want or use what He sold, it was to show His Love to us

God's Love is free.  There is nothing that we can do to deserve His Love.  You might wonder about this title, "GOD'S LOVE SALE".  His Love is free to us but it cost Him everything.  It is impossible for us to comprehend with our human minds how much God Loves us. 

One day, God cleaned out His Heart and gave His Beloved Son for us.  My heart has broken many times over the agony that God must have experienced.  Not only was He giving His Son to die a cruel death, He was sending Him on a Mission and He was going to miss His Son.

I wonder what would happen and how many hearts and lives would be changed if one day we had a love sale that was free to others but cost us. Let's open our hearts and give of our time and talents.

Joanne Lowe January 28, 2005



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