With joy we walk life's pleasant way
Where cooling rills and zephyrs play;
Through all the night, through all the day,
Forever and forever.
Sometimes the way seems rough and steep,
Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we weep;
Whate'er the road, our steps He'll keep
While hoping, waiting, trusting.
The things we don't enjoy, we bear;
We may forget, but God doth care;
Still on we'll go, whate'er the fare,
To yonder home in heaven.
Tho' clouds hang low and night shades fall,
Should some not care for us at all,
God cares---He waits our every call;
He'll fail us never, never.
God cannot change---the right He knows;
With Him we triumph o're all foes;
He tempers every wind that blows;
For you and me He's caring.
Sometimes we doubt, have slavish fears,
We look in vain through bitter tears
For just a word that soothes and cheers
From those we love and cherish.
We wait, all trouble-worn, for rest;
We hope to pass each firey test
On earth---then up in heaven blest
Forever and forever.
While walking on life's pleasant way
We're looking up and on each day;
Some time we'll there forever stay
In heaven's blissful glory.
B. E. Warren


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