Can we whose lives are richly blest
With Gospel light and Heaven's best,
With education's strength and lift,
If we withhold the Christian's gift.
Can we be blameless in our greed
If we share not with souls in need?
When others hunger in dark lands,
Dare we hold tight within our hands?

Our money and our means, not share
When we have much, oh, much to spare
Will God excuse our self-set gains
While sad hearts die in sinful chains?
Is there not danger we may hear
The words that fell on the rich man's ear
When he had died and felt too late
The pangs of Lazarus at his gate?

He begged his brethren might be told
To share their gifts of love and gold.
Christ brought His message to all men;
This life is short, and, oh, what then?
When we must give account to God
For paths our earthly feet have trod;
The rich man would have given all
If life on earth he might recall.

Too late, too late, his warning cry
Sounds through the earth, all men must die;
With death our chance forever ends,
None e'er returns to make amends.
O Christian, rouse, awake, and give
Of love, of means while yet you live.

Lucena C. Byrum