Ireland to America

 Twas on the eighth day of May
From Ireland we sailed away,
When on the Ocean I was tossed
Sometimes I feared we would be lost.

But like Peter, did I doubt,

While mercies hand was still reached out:

To save me when the storm was high

When thunder, rain and lightning fly.


But when the dreadful storm appeared

Thy promise did disperse the fears,

His mercies ever stand secure

For those who to the end endure. 


When nine times seven days were passed

The ship “PERFECTION” was anchored fast.

Then into the pilot boat with speed

The Captain hurried us indeed.


‘Twas at a place called Hampton road

Where the ship “perfection” did unload.

Then to our Captain and ship crew

With a joyful heart bid Adieu.


But ere two days in that boat we passed

To Baltimore we came at last;

But when unto the shore I came

With grief and sorrow, I did complain.


When on the wharf I looked all around

And none but strangers there I found

‘Twas then I thought of my native land

To make these verses I then began.


But if these lines are not so correct

As my friends and neighbors would expect.

Pray excuse me for I was in haste

For at the wash tub I was placed.


© G. G. grandma Varner

(age 17 July, 10,1800)


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