The Land Of Legands, Love, And Laughter

There are many, many legends
About Saint Patrick's Day,
About the Shamrock and the Blarney
And the leprechauns at play;
And that most delightful story
That God blessed the Emerald Isle
With the beauty of His goodness
And the sunshine of His smile;
And how a dear, beloved Saint
Taught the Irish about God
Just by showing them a Shamrock
That was grown on Erin's sod.

He told them of the Trinity,
The living Three In One;
The Holy Ghost ... the Father,
And His beloved Son.

And all these lovely legends
Of the well-known Irish race,
Have given every Irishman
A very special place,
Not only just in history
But in everybody's heart,
For of this old earth's laughter,
The dearest, finest part
Is made of "smiling Irish eyes"
And mirth-filled Irish jokes;
And what a dull world this would be
Without God's Irish folks.

~ Helen Steiner Rice ~


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