Dear Lord, as I end this year and the holiday season,
Please forgive the frustration I've shown for selfish reason!
I thank You for the year of two thousand and five,
Thankful for all the blessings and thankful to be alive.

A New Year is dawning and it is mine today,
Guide me, that I may kinder and wise be, I pray.
May I speak loving words to others as I start anew,
To show them Your goodness in all I say and do.

I do not know what lies ahead, laughter or maybe a tear,
I know You are with me while always walking near.
May I learn to willingly and freely forgive,
And grant me forgiveness for the life that I live.

May I learn Thy ways, as in Your grace I grow,
And become more like You where 'ere I go.
Give me strength to cast aside any grudge I may face,
That I may grow stronger, upheld by Your grace

Accept me today, dear Lord from above,
May I trust Your wisdom while wrapped in Your love,
I thank You Lord, that I am always in Your care,
That I can come to You in a moment of prayer.

Grant me the joy that trusting You brings,
Teach me to appreciate life's little things.
Help me to strengthen old friendships so true,
And make new ones for me to cherish too.

Two thousand and six is a gift from You to me,
In Your boundless love, my sinful nature is set free.
That I may in awesome wonder know You are near,
To give me peace and love, as I begin this new year.

I thank You for the promises in your Word, and humbly I pray,
That my hand is secure in Yours, each step of the way.
In Your love I will live each day of this brand new year,
Knowing that with You I have nothing to fear.

(Written by Margaret B. Olson)