Skilled Labor

I watched them tearing a building down,

a gang of men in a busy town.

With a heave Ho and a lusty yell,

they swung a beam and a side-wall fell.

I asked the builder are these men skilled

and the men you'd hire if you were to build?

He gave a laugh and said "No indeed,

unskilled labor is all I need.

They can easily wreck in a day or 2,

what builders have taken a year to do."

And I thought to myself as I went on my way,

which of these roles have I opted to play?

Am I a builder who builds with care,

measuring life by rule and square?

Patiently doing the best I can,

ordering things to a well-made plan?

Or am I a workman that walks the town

content with the "labor" of tearing down???

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