A Prayer for Independence Day

God bless America and keep us safe and free
Safe from "all our enemies" wherever they may be,
For enemies are forces that often dwell within,
Things that seem so harmless become a major sin,

Little acts of selfishness grow into lust and greed
and make the love of power our idol and our need....
For all our wealth and progress are as worthless can be
Without the faith that makes us great and kept our
nation free.

And while it's hard to understand the complexities of war
Each one of us must realize that we are fighting for
The principles of freedom and the decency of man,
But all of this must be achieved according to God's Plan

So help us as Americans to search deep down inside
And discover if the things we do are always justified
And teach us to walk humble and close in Thy ways
And give faith and courage and put purpose in our days

And make each one of us aware that each must do his part
For in the individual is where peace must have a start
For a better world to live in where all are safe and free
Must start with faith and hope and love deep in the heart
of "me"
Helen Steiner Rice

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