I want to know Him, Dad


He bent over for a good-night kiss,

And hugged me ever so tight.

He stared up at me with eyes aglow,

And said "Dad, will you read to me tonight?"

I pulled him up onto my lap,

And said "Of course, here hold my hat."

He handed me a Bible that had been lain upon a shelf,

In the dark and lonely attic, where he snuck all by himself..

I wiped the dust from the cover and asked,

"Son do you know what this is?"

He said "Yes Dad, it's about Jesus.  I want to know who He is."

We read together a long time that night,

About a baby on a river and how Jesus saved his life.

Then I carried my boy to the room down the hall,

And he said "Dad, you saved my life and you've never let me fall.

I'll be like you some day, when I am big and tall."

That night I got down on my knees and prayed

"Dear God, oh, please, please, please.

will you come with me down this long dark road?

You see, his mother died...went down with the boat,

I found him in a raft set afloat.

Money's tight, and it's just us two,

Please, help me raise him so he loves You."

Then I thanked God for the perfect son,

He gave to me when Jenny couldn't have one.



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