The Guidance of God

Destiny for the most part is determined by destination, and direction will
decide what that will be. Man has engaged all the skill of scientific
inventions to assist him in providing infallible direction finders. These
instruments are so reliable that a pilot many miles aloft soaring over a
trackless ocean can pinpoint the exact spot of his location at any given time
and estimate the distance to any given place on the globe. Men of the
forest use other means of keeping bearings. Without a compass and even
without sun or stars to tell the points of the compass, a competent guide
can read the eloquent writing of nature accurately without getting lost. If
you are lost it is more important to discover the right direction than it is to
multiply miles of travel. Distance is not as important as direction. This is
so true in the physical sense that it is entirely obvious. Basically it is even
more true in the spiritual sense even though the importance is less obvious.
Since direction is so important, God has endowed almost all his
creatures with intricate and very delicate equipment for this purpose. A
minister friend was visiting at our home one day and he observed a tiny
insect possibly not more than one-half an inch long. This insect evidently
wanted to cross our lawn and to this end it found a launching pad on a
blade of grass where the course was clear and heaved itself forward two or
three feet. It landed topsy-turvy like; scrambled around until it righted itself
and then took another flying leap. The entire procedure took the better part
of an hour but in all that time the tiny insect never got confused or altered its
direction. It always leaped towards its objective no matter how much it
tumbled about on landing. We call this nature. Sometimes we call it instinct
or providence. But if God can put such reliable mechanism in such a tiny
and transitory creature, how much more it seems certain that He would not
leave the destiny of man to chance. Surely then God can guide His children
if they will but discover the instruments through which His Mind can reveal
itself to us.

Nature is replete with examples of things which cannot be accounted for
by Chance. A certain small fish lays its eggs in the sand on one particular
seashore. This may not seem extraordinary in itself, but the fact that this
fish comes in with the tide and that in some miraculous manner instinctively
knows the last wave of the high tide is beyond explanation. Yet it is this
one and only breaker that deposits millions of the fishes on a particular
shore where they perform their domestic duties of laying eggs before the
return of high tide. How can all these millions of fishes determine
spontaneously and infallibly which towering wave crest of the incoming tide
will leave its lapping waters highest on the shore line? If God can put that
much guidance in a tiny fish, would He leave the guidance of man to

Many birds travel south for winter and migrate northward again in the
spring. There are many marvels related to the various species with
scarcely any two being alike although there is a similarity in general. One
bird called the cliff swallow, nests in various parts of North America during
the summer. In winter the entire species congregates in
. This in itself is a marvelous achievement but it is only a minor
part of the phenomena. Nature has in some manner endowed these birds
with equipment which enables the entire species to arrive in Capistrano
within the space of a few hours. When you reflect that they come from
many different sections of the country, and the differences in distance
amounts to hundreds of miles, this simultaneous arrival is a staggering
accomplishment. If God can put such timing and guidance in such a tiny
bird, will He leave the homecoming of the soul to chance?

Nature is not only kind in its provisions for its creatures but it is harsh in
enforcing its laws. You may have heard the proverb, "The eagle stirs its
nest." This is based on actual fact. Mother eagle builds her aerie, or nest
on some lofty rocky pinnacle and she lines it with sheep skins and other
comfortable material. The young egrets are contented, but as they begin to
reach maturity, the mother eagle tosses out all the lining of the nest leaving
only sharp prodding sticks to jab and irritate the nesting birds. This is
Mother eagle's way of making life so miserable and unbearable that the
young ones long to flex their wings and soar. One by one they take the
fateful plunge and although terrified at first, they soon learn they are not
alone in space. Mother eagle swoops beneath the young one and bears it
up to heights aloft until it masters the art of flying solo. Is the launching of
an egret more important than the initiation of a person on the road of life?
Will not God's provisions be adequate for youth?

Mother bear has a different technique. When her cubs are old enough to
be on their own she sends them scampering up a tree and tells them in bear
language to stay there. Then Mother Bear gets lost, so to speak. She
disappears from the scene and leaves the cubs whimpering until hunger
finally drives them down -- and from that time forward they are on their own.
Each creature in some miraculous manner has a pattern of its own with
which Providence has equipped it for survival. No creature is entirely safe.
The element of danger is never absent. The laws of Nature are rigid and
can be ignored only at one's peril. But the fundamental principle of God's
laws works for the good of all His creatures while any violation reacts to the
destruction of the violator!

Spiritual guidance may be much more complex, but the God Who said, "I
will guide thee with mine eye," is capable of redeeming His promise. If a
salmon can leave the spot where it was spawned and wend its way for
several years through the uncharted paths of the oceans and then
unerringly return to the identical place in the stream where it first found life,
and there spawn its roe and die, surely the God Who gave us the spirit of life
is competent to complete the cycle of bringing us ultimately into His
everlasting fellowship. The big question is how? This answer must be
simple rather than obscure. Where do we turn for direction What are the
fixed stars of the spiritual realm? What compass or magnet do we consult?
God gave us a magnet. Jesus said, "And I, if I be lifted up from the earth
will draw all men unto Me." John 12:32. The magnets of the world
universally pull downward. Water cascades downward to the sea.
Avalanches crash down gorges. Trees topple down in the storm. And sad
to say, when men follow their own inclinations, their course is downward
too. Someone has said truly, "Men and rivers become crooked by
following the way of least resistance." God's magnet is Christ. He
reverses the pull of the world. He draws us upward when our spirit is akin
to His Spirit -- a magnet only attracts substances of a similar nature. When
Christ is our center of gravity our entire life will revolve about Him and be
drawn upwards toward Him.

Secondly, God gave us the light. Jesus is the Light of the World. No
one needs to get lost if he regards the sun. Sin is compared with clouds
that obscure the sun. Isa. 44:22 and Isa. 59:2. Sin is the cloud that
obscures the light of God. Jesus is called the Sun of Righteousness, and
as long as we walk in His light we can be sure of our direction. The Bible
says, "If I regard iniquity in my heart the Lord will not hear me." Psa. 66:18.
We can only be sure of God's guidance if we unquestioningly walk in the
light and turn our backs on sin.

A third direction finder for guidance is the Word of God which is often
correctly compared to a map. People who are intent on reaching a
destination invariably consult a map to chart their course. They first find
out where they are, and then proceed to plot the route which will lead to the
desired destination. The Bible will reveal this information to those who will
follow its instruction.

God has many other methods of imparting guidance to His children if we
are in tune with Him. Godly parents or Spirit-filled leaders, or sometimes
our Christian companions help. Circumstances and even sickness may
speak in a language which the seeking soul will discover in the path leading
to God. However, in addition to the Map, the Sun and the Magnet, or any
other means, God has also given us a Guide. When Christ was about to
leave this world, He said "And I will pray the Father, and He shall give you
another Comforter..." John 14:16. Jesus said the Holy Sprit will "Guide us
into all truth." John 16:13. God did not leave His children in this world as
orphans. We are not left alone stranded or deserted. We are not islands in
a shoreless sea. A Guide goes with us. A map can show the way; the
magnet can attract and the sun can reveal, but a Guide keeps company with
us and shares the journey. This is the role of the Holy Spirit Who unerringly
and faithfully interprets God's will to us. God gives His best to those who
leave the choice to Him.

God, the great righteous Judge seals our destiny but we determine what
it will be by the direction we choose. Jesus emphasized this in these
words: "Wide is the gate and broad is the way that leadeth to destruction
and many there be that go in thereat. Because straight is the gate and
narrow is the way that leadeth to life and few there be that find it." Matt.
7:14. Nature may seem harsh with its inflexible laws, but when we cooperate
with them they work providentially. When we violate them we
cannot escape the consequences. The laws relating to the spiritual realm
are no less precise and the penalties are no less severe than in the natural
kingdom because the same God operates in both spheres. But God has
made the compensations for obedience so rewarding that they far excel any
sacrifice that may be required in order to attain the goal. If God can guide a
tiny insect, or a little bird or creature of the field, then I know God can guide
me too. And just as they must co-operate with the laws with which a kind
Providence has endowed them and conform to those laws, so must my
mind and will be subject to, and in harmony with the Divine Transmitter in
order to operate effectively.


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