Joe Gaines was a charming and likeable fellow.   Because of his congenial disposition, his companions nicknamed him Jolly Joe.   He was a representative of the Gilt Edge Life Insurance Company where he worked for a salary plus a commission, if his sales exceeded a modest figure.   This gave him an incentive to seek more business and additional income.   Life looked very inviting for the future of Joe Gaines
Jolly Joe lost no time in making his presence known when he took charge of the new branch office in the bustling town of Camchat.   He was delighted when he received an invitation to attend a Youth Fellowship gathering at the local church.   His ready wit and his wholesome originality delighted the members present.   Jolly Joe, with his eye for business said to himself, “What a fine group of young people.   They have all their life ahead of them.   I shall make friends with them now and at some later time I shall speak to them concerning Life Insurance.”   As far as parties were concerned, Joe was often in demand.   He had the reputation of being an asset to any gathering.   It was common to hear youth leaders say, “Get Joe.   He’s a good fellow and he won’t embarrass anyone by trying to sell Life Insurance.”
Joe’s policy was to befriend youth and keep the lines of communication open.   He reasoned that they would probably clam up if I talk to them about signing up a contract now, even if I showed them the advantages of having Life Insurance---they would not want to think of dying yet.   I’ll keep the lines of communication open, and later on, I’ll try to sell them a policy.
In the course of time one of Joe’s business colleagues became involved with financial difficulties.   Joe was able to help him arrange his affairs and carry on his business.   Due to his friend’s preoccupation with his problem, Joe didn’t mention the benefit of having Life Insurance as a safe guard and an investment.   He wanted to retain the man’s confidence, but he fully intended to try to arrange an engagement with this in mind, later on.  Just not now!
Later on, some of his friends got together for a coffee party.   They discussed the weather and world politics and everyone had a lovely time.   No one brought up the subject of Life Insurance, however.   Joe would have been very glad to discuss this with anyone who was interested enough to ask about it.   “After all,” Joe reasoned, “I ought to trust their good judgment to prepare for the eventuality of death.   After all, they know I represent the Gilt Edge Life Insurance Company and they can come to me if they need anything.”
Conventions can be happy times at which much information can be shared.   It was on such an occasion that the subject of Life Insurance was on the agenda.   There was a discussion about the relative advantages and benefits offered by competitive companies.   Joe explained the faults and weaknesses of other companies compared with his own, even suggesting that prospective purchasers should read the “find print” before buying some policies.   Although it was a significant gathering from the standpoint of information, it produced very little action and Joe’s sales in particular were future hopes rather than present facts.
Joe had a favorite sister who became very ill.   Joe immediately went to see her and together they reminisced of old times.   But the subject of life insurance just failed to come up some how.   His visits at the hospital were welcomed by the nurses and doctors because Joe spread cheer and optimism wherever he went.  “But” reasoned Joe, “If I bring up the subject of Life Insurance, the patients will think I’ve given them up to die.   When they come out, will be a more appropriate opportunity.”   One old friend of Joe’s said, however, “It’s alright for Joe to have his Insurance Policy, but if it’s so important, I wonder why he hasn’t spoken to me about purchasing one too.”
The Gilt Edge Life Insurance Company still pays Joe his salary, although they must be disappointed with his record of sales.   If he had used his opportunities to tell others about the attractiveness of what the Gilt Edge Insurance Company had to offer, he could have improved his business manifold.   From a purely business standpoint, one wonders how long Jolly Joe will hold his position.   Normally such an attitude towards insurance would not be tolerated by any reputable firm.
However, what about the representatives of the Celestial Insurance Company?   What about those who offer insurance for the life that now is, as well as for the life to come?   Do we fear to speak of this Eternal Life Insurance, lest we offend someone, or lest we embarrass someone.   Do we spend our time ingratiating ourselves and hoping some way, some time, to really tell people what we have to offer.   Are we, after all, only a bunch of Jolly Joes?
We’re very much aware that “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God” as we read in Romans 3:23 and also Isaiah 53:6 which says that “All we like sheep have gone astray, we have turned every one to his own way…”   But notice the end of that verse which gives the remedy, “But the Lord hath laid on Him the iniquity of us all.”   What is sometimes called The Gospel in a Nutshell, John 3:16, says “For God so loved the world that He gave His only Begotten Son that whosoever believeth on Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”   And, John 1:12 says, “But as many as received Him, to them gave He power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His Name.”
Isn’t that worth telling?




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