According to a well known childhood ditty, Cock Robin was slain.   In fact it appears that he was murdered in cold blood because there is no evidence of a feud or revenge being the motive.   An investigation was held and the sparrow was questioned in connection with carrying concealed weapons and he readily boasted about having committed the crime.   Some unidentified ubiquitous fly was the only witness to the dastardly deed.    Evidence points to the crime having taken place by the edge of a laughing brook that rippled through the woodland.   Apparently Cock Robin had just gone there for a drink when he was struck without warning because a fish just happened to be passing by and he regarded the occasion with ghoulish pleasure as he took advantage of the tragedy to obtain some blood.   Everything points to the owl as having been an accomplice to the crime because he volunteered to cover up every trace of evidence.   The little song goes like this:
“Who killed Cock Robin?
I said the sparrow, with my bow and arrow,
I killed Cock Robin.
Who saw him die?   I said the fly,
With my little eye, I saw him die.
Who caught his blood?  I said the fish
With my little dish, I caught his blood.
Who’ll dig his grave?  I said the Owl
With my spade and trowel, I’ll dig his grave.”
Although a grave wrong had been committed things were supposed to be hushed up but rumors of the scandal could not be silenced.   Public opinion in the woodlands is reflected in the chorus: “All the birds of the air were a-sighing and a-sobbing, when they heard of the death of poor Cock Robin.”
Just who was this jaunty little songster whose untimely death by assassination aroused so much commotion?
At the funeral Pastor Meadow Lark who was a cousin of Cock Robin read the obituary.   It stated that Cock Robin was born in Nature’s Wonderland.   He was only two years old.   He was known as a gay and courageous harbinger of spring.   His throaty melodies acclaimed him as one of the most welcome songsters.   He was a tireless optimist as he continually harped on the subject of Cheer-up, cheer-up, cheer-ee.
Cock Robin always lived on good terms with his neighbors and seemed to trust everyone.   Much sorrow is experienced both in the woodlands and also by many little boys and girls who will greatly miss his calls.   Pastor Meadow Lark gave some of the hitherto unknown details surrounding his death.   He said Cock Robin was struck with out warning just as he was lifting his head in thanksgiving for the cool water that was to quench his thirst.   When the gangster sparrow unleashed the fatal arrow it found its feathery target and Cock Robin’s crumbled form fell right where the rippling brook was lapping the shore as it hurried by.   Of course, his song died with him.   All his faith and optimism in a kind world ceased when this game little champion of fair play became the victim of the nameless sparrow’s wanton act.   Needless to say, one immediate result of the tragedy will be: fewer robins and more sparrows.
As we reflect on the foregoing episode one wonders if there are not a few Cock Robins in the church too.   And could it be that the church is harboring a few sparrows as well?   Sometimes one of the young people has a strong desire to do something for the Lord.   A surge of daring challenges his imagination.   He is dauntless and resolute, despite a hostile world.   With a song in his heart and a determination in his soul he is ready to obey and do battle for the Lord.   But, sad to say, there are some sparrows in the ranks.   They do not mean to be cruel or thoughtless.   They would never think of planning to maim or cripple anyone in the church.   Perish the thought!   They only want Cock Robin to “get the point.”   They have no idea that points from hostile bows often go much farther than is intended.  As a result, a dream dies.
Arrows are not always shot from bows by an archer.   Sometimes a sharp word speeds to its target from unguarded lips and carries much venom, which has a very deadly effect.   Wrong words can kill a man’s influence and ruin his reputation.   Sometimes they can terminate one’s usefulness or perhaps discourage someone from starting out on a career of service.   Perhaps a person would like to sing for the Lord.   A little encouragement might cause it to be a reality, but an arrow of criticism shoot by some hidden sparrow, could ambush the beginner and silence the music forever.
Sometimes the minister is Cock Robin.   He breathes confidence, but the sparrow says he is just after the money.   There are Cock Robins among the laymen in the church too.   Some hearts beat with the new song that is born of a vision of reaching out to the lost.   They long to help the church produce results farther and faster.   They just want to be involved.   The sparrow often views such attitudes as independence, possible rivalry and even as eventual loss of finances.   The arrow hits the mark.   The result is a mortal wound to a dream, which might have blessed the world, had it not succumbed to some misdirected criticism.   This is a tragedy that has been repeated too frequently.   Meanwhile, the church is sighing and wailing because of the lack of more Cock Robins?   Could it be possible that some are busy digging graves in which to bury the talents of their crushed victims.   Does some spiritual cemetery conceal the person you “might have been,” if it were not for the circumstances that squelched your ideals and lofty goals?
The call of the Church is for Cock Robins.   The call of the Mission fields, the ministry, the professional careers such as: teaching and medicine and others are all open for the skills and talents of those who want to render a lifetime of service for the Master.   There are gangster sparrows, lurking about intent upon destroying your goals, often with little more than a barbed sneer or a sharp retort.   Your gifts, talents and eventual achievements will be determined by your walk with God, and your practice of the presence of God in all your choices.   It’s better to be a Cock Robin that spreads cheer and optimism and son, rather than to be a “kill-joy” archer with an aim to snuff out and to bury the hopes and dreams of others.   God is on the side of the Cock Robins.   Take heart!   The world needs you!   It’s waiting for what only you can give---yourself!   Turn your life over to God and it becomes “the abundant life.”   Paul summed it up thus:  “I am crucified jointly with Christ:  I no longer live as I, but Christ lives within me.   So the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God.” Gal. 2:29 (Berkley)



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