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Hey, let's not let public opinion influence how we live out our faith. If we find ourselves in the presence of one that's clean, attractive and well dressed...and also close by there's another who's obviously poor and considered "lower-class"...let's be careful how we act and react. Love in us will cause us to make a special effort to treat both the same. Otherwise we'll find ourselves judging simply by outward appearance.

Surely we know by now that God's given us numberless examples of how we should respond. Didn't God choose those who were "down 'n out" as first citizens of His heavenly kingdom...and gave them full rights and privileges? He's promised His kingdom to anyone who loves Him. Yes, let's be careful that we don't find ourselves abusing the very citizens of the heavenly kingdom.

Needless ta say, we're doing well when we live out out faith by love.

Let's talk and act like one expecting to be judged by the same Rule that sets us free! Otherwise, if we fail to live our faith by love, how can we expect to be treated with love.

Well, we know that loving-kindness
"rises above" judgment every time!

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