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When things get real scary and rough, God can hardly ever find a man; He always has to use a woman. That's what old Sister Stewart used to say. Oh, yes. She was up in years when God gave her a burden for Cuba. After she had paid the fare, she landed in Cuba with a nickel in her pocketbook and the address of one American woman who lived in Cuba. She looked her up and lived with her. The woman gave enough money to hire an interpreter and put her on the radio.

Before Sister Stewart went to Glory, she could account for about eight thousand souls in thirty-five congregations. Religious men hated her, so they tried to kill her by running a gas pipe into her house during the night. Her hair turned white overnight, and she lay in a coma for hours; but the saints prayed for her, and God raised her up. When I asked her, "Sister Stewart, how did you ever end up getting down here in all this battle?"

"Well," she said, "Brother Wilson, all I can say is that God looked for a man and they were all scared, so He sent this old woman." God is able to do exceeding abundantly above all.

When she first went down there, she thought it was big to ask God for a hundred souls. It wasn't long until a hundred were saved, so she asked for a thousand souls. She worked under much worse conditions than most of us know anything about, but God saw her through and gave her victory. Why? He is able to do exceeding abundantly above all. This is how He outsmarts the devil, and this is how He outsmarts men. That's why He could tell Paul, "...it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks" (Acts 9:5).

The deep burden of our heart is for God to reveal to us His divine will. We want His thoughts because we want to live (right now!) in heavenly places. A want of faith makes us afraid to ask, but never be afraid of expecting great things from God. We can have no real desire for any real good, but what it is over-topped by His desire that we have good. God's way is high above our way. Religion 'out here,' operating by man's ways, leaves men bound in the power of sin, with no victory, joy, or any shedding forth of the Holy Spirit in their life. God's ways are higher!

We can be delivered from sin. Even the smell of sin will be gone, and God will pour the Holy Ghost out on Us abundantly. We can have no imagination of good, but what it has been surpassed by a previous thought of His. The rule is not up to what we can think, but it is 'above and beyond' what we can think! [ The End ]

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