In a yard, a snowman will stand.
A little boy will take his hand.
They'll stand and talk for a little while.
On the snowman's face, there's a happy smile.

As I look at the child's face,
I know there's nothing can take the place
of a snowman on a winter day,
as all the children run and play.

I think of years that have traveled by,
since I looked up, towards the sky,
and watched the snowflakes tumble down,
to make a white blanket o'er the ground.

We all seem to grow up so fast,
and look to years that have raced past,
when we were filled with that wonderful joy,
like the happiness I see in that little boy.

Next year when the snow comes down,
there'll be snowmen all around.
And when the ground is covered anew,
who knows, maybe I'll build one too!!