I was doing some Christmas shopping
   in a great big shopping mall;
there were stores on every side of it,
    even set up down the hall.
I was looking for a special gift
    but things all looked the same,
the clothes and toys and videos,
    and those new 'lectronic games.

Another thing, in every store
     that always looked the same
were signs that read: 
"Have an Old-Fashioned Christmas and thank you, come again!

Now folks, I'm no spring chicken,
    I've seen more than fifty Christmas' pass;
it's not the gifts that mean the most
    it's all the fond memories that last.

I remember an old fashioned Christmas
    when we'd chop down a fresh cedar tree;
we'd string lots of rosehips and popcorn;
    the trimmin's were homemade and free.

The stockings we hung on Christmas eve
    were the kind that came off of our feet
we'd always leave cookies we'd made with our moms  so Santa'd have something to eat.

Of course, Santa came every Christmas
    but he'd only leave one special toy,
or maybe some clothes or a new pair of boots;
    just one thing for each girl and boy.

You never were fighting no mobs or crowds
    in a great big shopping mall;
we'd just go to town on Saturday night,
    the local Dime Store had most all

of anything one could ever want,
    and every one-horse town
was full of friends and neighbors;
    folks would drive in for miles around.

The women would trade their cream and eggs
    for groceries, and of course, Christmas candy; that was the only credit back then
    before Credit Cards got easy and handy.

We'd have the best Christmas programs
    at the church and the old country school;
the men would all stand in the back of the room,
    there was a shortage of chairs as a rule.

And remember how Grandma and Grandpa
    would bring only one gift for us all?
It was usually homemade and practical
    .....back then, grandparents didn't buy out the mall!

And that good old Christmas music
    didn't come from no stereo set;
just dad on his fiddle, we'd all join in;
    it still is the best music yet.

Speaking of dad, he'd get out the Bible
    and read us that old Christmas story;
it wasn't about Santa or elves or a sleigh
    but it sure filled our hearts with joy.

See, I remember an
"old fashioned Christmas"
    like those signs read all over that mall.
I will bet you'll agree, after listenin' to me
    that the "old fashioned" kinds best of all!


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