Angel                        God's Protection
Apple Health
Bird Happiness
Candle Unselfishness
Carousel Joy
Cat Affection
Champagne Celebration
Chimney Sweep Good Luck
Church Faith
Cow Comfort
Dog Faith
Dove Purity
Fish Christ's Blessing
Flower Good Wishes
Frog Good Luck in Business
Fruit Generosity
Grape Friendship
Heart True Love
House Shelter
Nativity Christianity
Owl Wisdom
Pickle Most Observant and Playfulness (Finding it gets you an extra present and you become Princess or Prince for one day
Pig Wealth
Pine Cone Motherhood
Rabbit Hope
Rose Beauty/Mother Mary
Santa Goodwill
Sheep Devotion
Snowman Patience
Star God's Guidance
Stork Fruitfulness
Tea or Coffee Pot               Hospitality
TeddyBear                     Companionship


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