Once, before this, in the Town of Discontent, lived a little boy named Saad.  Now Discontent was not always the name of the town; it was once known as Pleasant.  It was an unusual town because everyone who lived there always wore silver shoes.  You see, there was a shoemaker in Pleasant that made silver shoes for everyone and all he ever charged was a smile.
The silver shoes were unusual because they never wore out.  Another unusual thing about them was that they were always the right size no matter how big the people's feet were. Whenever a new baby was born in Pleasant the parents would take the baby to the shoemaker and he would make a pair of beautiful silver shoes.  Somehow, as the baby grew, so did the shoes.
But one day, another shoemaker came to Pleasant.  He opened his shop right next door to the maker of the silver shoes.
"Come and try on MY beautiful shoes," he called to the people as they walked by his shop.  "They are gold and they have jewels that glisten like all the colors of the rainbow."
The people of Pleasant thought the shoes were indeed very beautiful.  Why, some pair even had three or four jewels on each shoe!  Everyone rushed into the new shoe shop to buy shoes, but when they smiled at the new shoemaker and started to leave, he said,  "That will be $10.00 please."
"The old shoemaker only charges a smile." they said.
"But his shoes all look alike," the new shoemaker answered.
"That's true," the people would say, and then they would pay the $10.00, take their shoes and rush home to try them on.
Now when Saad was born, the town was still called the Town of Pleasant and Saad was named Happy.  True to his name, he was a happy little boy.
"lets take him to the NEW shoemaker," said his mother.  "I like all the pretty jewels he puts on the shoes he makes; see how mine sparkle."
"10.00 is a lot of money,"said his father.  "But if that's what you want, we will get them for Happy."
They took Happy to the new shoe shop and he was fitted with a beautiful pair of gold shoes with red and blue jewels.  But a few months later they were too tight and Happy bagan to cry because the shoes hurt his feet.
"I don't have $10.00 to buy another pair right now," said his father.
"But he must have shoes," cried his mother.
"His father thought for a moment,  "Well, we do have the money we saved for his new bed.  We could use some of that."
So back they went to the new shoe shop.  But when another few months had gone by, the second pair of shoes were too small and Happy was not happy, because his feet were hurting again.
"We must go back to the old shoemaker," said his father.
When they came to the place where the old shoemaker had been, the shop was empty.
"Oh!" exclaimed his mother,  "What will we do!"
"There is nothing we can do," answered his father.  "We have no money to buy from the new shoemaker and now the old shoemaker is gone.  Our son will have to be without shoes; and so shall we, for our shoes are wearing thin and it will not be long before we will have to throw them away.
All the other families in Pleasant found themselves with the same problem for they too had been attracted by the sparkling shoes and, because no one came for the silver shoes anymore, the old shoemaker had moved on to another town.
And so it was that the Town of Pleasant became the Town of Discontent and Happy became Saad.

by Jackie McCune 

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