Louisa' s Tractor

Louisa is three and a half. Her daddy is called Salvatore. They live with her new baby sister and Mummy in Bristol, which is a big town in England.
Daddy often reads her stories about Bob the Builder when she goes to bed, just before she goes to sleep.
Isn’t she lucky? Some children have Daddies who work a long way from home.
Daddy often comes home in time for tea and sometimes takes all the family in the car for a trip. Louisa likes going in their car. When she is bigger, she will be able to see out of the car windows and watch all the people on the pavements walking to the shops.

Shall I tell you a secret? Louisa loves tractors. Usually it is just boys who love tractors, but Louisa is special. She loves tractors as well. Isn’t she lucky to live near the country, where tractors work?

Daddy knew where a tractor called Hamish lived and he promised Louisa they would go a car ride to see Hamish at work.
“When?” Asked Louisa.
“One Sunday soon, when it isn’t raining,” Daddy smiled; “we will all go in the car after we’ve been to church in the morning. Mummy will make us a picnic and we will go and watch Hamish - but not just now, because Hamish is on his holidays.”

“That’s silly” Louisa shrieked, “tractors don’t have holidays”
Daddy laughed.

“Some of them do! Some of them, like Hamish, are only used for special jobs, like ploughing the fields. This is because he needs to build up all his strength first. We will have to wait a little longer, after the summer holidays. You will know when people start talking about Harvest time. Then we will all go and see him”

Louisa could hardly wait and fell asleep thinking of the time that they were going to see Hamish.

The End

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